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Thirty Five. 35 sparkling grays, signifying each year of wisdom I've gained thus far in life. Perhaps that represents the fabulous mind game played to create a positive spin while I glance in the mirror at the end of another day.Secretly, I may be as proud to sport those silver highlights as I am to... Continue Reading →

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Our Prologue: Reflections of the day my Daughter was Diagnosed.

Through Rose Colored Glasses and Bionic Ears: A Mom and Daughter's Journey on a Road Less Traveled


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Sixty One Days.

“…On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you;  And the night wind whispered, “Life will never be the same…” – Nancy Tillman

As I begin to write, my mind, like untouched snow reflecting off the sun, has brightly begun dancing volumes.  Although much different than tap and ballet in childhood, this type of groove feels more like sorting through a variation of the Waltz.  Spin, turn, weave, whisk and chasse. A single pair linked closely, creating waltzing waves kissing a tumultuous shore.

Picture that with a Kodak.

Ten with twenty.  

That’s how many years have passed and grays I now have since the compelling desire to draft a self-help memoir such as this.  There may very well be “Chapter Ones” filed…

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Hearing Birthday 09-20-2018

9/20/2018 Following Initial Activation. Valentina passed this painting many times. Today, she stopped, noticed the I Love You sign and seemed to want to hold hands... touched my heart. Seventeen Months. Seventeen months ago, if you had asked me to celebrate your child's "Hearing Birthday", I may have looked at you with confused eyes and... Continue Reading →

One Year Post Surgery (16mo post diagnosis)

My Sweet Valentina, Tonight I sit in reflection. Three Hundred Sixty Three. 363 Days tonight ago I remember so vividly having a hurricane exploding inside of me. Two days prior to Cochlear Implant Surgery. Tomorrow, a day before, we enjoyed a lovely journey at the beach. ...a whirlwind of emotions, that led to and paved... Continue Reading →


Maps. Remember those? Pictures on paper laying out the route towards a destination. Canada and I once became acquainted that way. A sense of accomplishment in the use of a map. Now, options. Are more options equitable to better? A personalized option to select the gender and accent of whom can mechanically verbalize your wrong... Continue Reading →

Our world

Darkness engulfs the day as a breath is taken. Bittersweet is your time to rest. Often pondering a checklist;  those I create each day with ease for patience.As I reach for your backpack,A familiar aroma of sour milk grasping ahold  Do backpacks come with instructions?A village they say, to raise children.  To clean backpacks.Parenting a child... Continue Reading →


One Thousand Fifty Seven counting towards Fourty One. Math. Numbers. Audiograms. I remember wondering what on earth I would need such for on my path towards obtaining my MA Degree in Counseling and Licensure in Mental Health. Good 'ole human nature hard at work, helping us justify shying away from the unfamiliar. Blending in was... Continue Reading →


Nine Among Thousands. Thousands of quotes stored within my longterm memory banks. Nine specifically selected to decorate the Journal I started for Valentina in 2017. Two. Two years of saying I would begin such a piece of art, for I believe journals are not simply words slapped haphazardly onto paper. Writing from the heart transforms... Continue Reading →

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